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Medical detox is the safest, most effective way to treat alcohol or drug addiction. If you are admitted to a medical detox program, your treatment will be expertly tailored by a team of doctors and nurses whose top priority is your physical and mental well-being. In addition, research shows that if you opt for longer term treatment after a medical detox, then you’ll be maximizing your chances of a sustained recovery. Here are the main facts you need to know about how medical detox works and why it’s so important.

What is alcohol or drug detox and how does it work?

Medical detoxification is almost always an inpatient process that requires you to enter residential care. You will be steadily and carefully weaned off the drug or drugs of abuse, while your physical and mental state is monitored throughout.

Sometimes, doctors will administer medication during withdrawal if you are suffering from serious or dangerous side effects. In addition, recent research on opiate withdrawal, in particular, has shown that medications like Buprenorphine (Subutex) can streamline the process, minimizing withdrawal symptoms throughout. Regardless of the nature of your addiction, the medical team at Essex Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers will work to make sure you retain as much comfort and dignity as possible throughout. Call Drug Treatment Centers Essex today at (860) 207-8342 if you or a loved need help quitting drugs

Why is it dangerous to detox at home?

The dangers of detoxing at home depend on the drug of abuse, but the first thing worth noting is that recovery is very unlikely. Without medical help on hand, most people find the psychical and psychological challenges of the withdrawal process too painful to endure, leading to relapse.

If you’re trying to stop drinking alcohol, you can experience everything from delusions, to fits, dangerously high body temperatures and fluctuations in heart rhythm. Meanwhile, if you’re going through withdrawal from heroin, the intense cravings and widespread pain are likely to send you right back to drug abuse again. Other common street drugs like crystal meth can also cause hallucinations and anxiety during withdrawal, carrying a risk of suicide or other forms of self-harm. Prescription drugs like OxyContin are also difficult to stop taking without help, causing vomiting, heart rhythm changes, abdominal pain and agitation.

In summation, trying to detox at home is both unlikely to succeed and highly likely to involve poorly managed side effects that are painful at best and potentially fatal at worst.

Why should people seek a residential treatment center for help?

The main reason why it’s important to seek a residential treatment center for detox is that such an approach maximizes success. Although the withdrawal process can be profoundly effective, research on long-term sobriety shows that there is a very high risk of relapse if it is not followed by further inpatient treatment.

In particular, once you’ve been through a detoxification program, submitting to a planned schedule of both individual and group therapy can make a huge different to your likelihood of recovery. Through your work with specially-trained therapists and other recovering addicts, you will cultivate a better understanding of how and why your pattern of substance abuse developed, and learn new coping strategies that will help you cope with life’s challenges. Family education can also enhance your support network, ensuring that your loved ones are better equipped to provide the empathy and consistency that you need. In some cases, clients benefit from therapy sessions with their families as well, tackling the complex emotions of anger, fear and regret that may be associated with addiction.

If you’re struggling with substance abuse and looking to find the best medical detoxification program, call Drug Treatment Centers Essex today at (860) 207-8342.

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