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Drug Abuse Rehab

Drug Abuse Rehab essex

The main goal in drug abuse prevention is to ensure that a patient not only achieves sobriety, but that their sobriety is life-long.

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Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Rehab essex

Drug and alcohol rehab can help people with even the most severe cases of addiction overcome the disease.

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Drug Treatment Centers in Essex CT (860) 207-8342

Explore new possibilities for recovery at Drug Treatment Centers Essex, the perfect place to develop useful skills for addiction recovery. Drug Treatment Centers Essex has programs that guide patients through the rehab process. Certified addiction and mental illness specialists help individuals seeking treatment for their addiction change their lives. Each patient is carefully assessed in order to create a customized treatment plan based on the needs and requirements of the person.

Treatment options at Drug Treatment Centers Essex include medical detox, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, alternative therapies and faith-based programs. To find out more about what treatment at Drug Treatment Centers Essex entails, call (860) 207-8342.

Support During Treatment

Having a solid support system during addiction recovery is essential. When there are people you can turn to for encouragement the treatment process becomes more manageable. There are some things you can do which may include:

  • Having the support of family and friends. Attending couples and family therapy may also be a beneficial.
  • Building a sober social network and making new connections with sober friends who will support your recovery is important. Perhaps being part of a group in your community such as a church or civic group, attending local events and volunteering.
  • Moving in to a sober living home might be a good idea. These facilities provide safety and support while providing a place to live away from temptations. This is a good option if you don’t have a permanent home or drug-free environment to go.
  • Joining a recovery support group may also be a good idea. Spending time with peers in recovery can be part of the healing process. You can also learn about what others’ experiences in recovery are and what they have done to stay sober.

Addiction can often stem from misguided attempts to manage stressful situations. Sometimes, addictive substances are also used to deal with painful emotions. There are healthier ways to deal with these undesirable emotions. Part of the addiction recovery programs at rehab treatment centers may include meditating, exercising, yoga, acupuncture, nutritional therapy, and counseling. Find guidance for addiction treatment at Drug Treatment Centers Essex, just call (860) 207-8342.

About Essex, CT

Essex is a town in Middlesex County made up of three villages: Essex Ivoryton, Village, and Centerbrook. This town has a unique and remarkable history and noteworthy homes in town which were built in Ivoryton during the 1890 to 1920 era. Some national historic sites in Essex are Benjamin Bushnell Farm, Centerbrook Congregational Church, Christeen, and Pratt House.

Connecticut is one of the most important transit and destination area for drugs. Heroin is now one of the most popular drugs in the state besides crack cocaine. It has become a significant problem in urban and suburban regions. Although methamphetamine abuse is not that prevalent, several labs have been found. Club drugs such as MDMA/Ecstasy have also become widely available. Marijuana can also be obtained in many areas and other drugs such as PCP and pharmaceuticals such as OxyContin, oxycodone, Vicodin, methadone, Hydocodone, Ritalin, Xanax and Diazepam are among the most commonly abused diverted medications.



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